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Occasionally, after a court Hearing or when a Judgment has been entered by the Court, an individual will not follow the terms of the Order or the Judgment.  When this happens, we can assist with filing a Complaint for Contempt against that individual and work towards obtaining compliance by said individual. 

Common reasons for a Complaint for Contempt are when an individual is in violation of Orders or Judgments related to the following:

  • Parenting Plans

  • Support payment

  • Property division

A finding of Contempt by a Court can result in payment of attorney fees and costs of the other party, arrest, and/or strict compliance with the Court Order.  Therefore, it is important to hire the right attorney to help you with ensuring compliance with a Court Order or to help defend you against a Complaint for Contempt.

We at Bergeron | Burgess will develop a clear strategy on either filing or defending a Complaint for Contempt. 

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