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To establish child support and custody arrangements for children of parents that have not been married, the Court must make a finding of paternity.  Parties typically bring this matter forward to determine who the legal father is so that support, custody and or visitation may be established. 

For paternity cases, Fathers can voluntarily acknowledge paternity, or paternity can later be established through non-invasive DNA testing.  Once paternity is established, orders for child support, custody and parenting plans may be established. 


It should be noted that in Massachusetts, there is a presumption that a mother of a child that is unwed at the time of birth is the legal custodial parent of that child.  Unless and until the father brings a paternity or custody action against the mother, the father does not technically have a right to custody of the child therefore it is important to hire an attorney and fight for rights to your child.  At Bergeron | Burgess we will work with you and guide you through this process to ensure you have rights to your child.

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