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No matter the circumstances or the path your divorce matter leads you, our divorce and family law attorneys at Bergeron | Burgess are here to guide you each step of the way.


In Massachusetts, a party may seek a modification after the entry of an Order or a Judgment of the Probate and Family Court under certain circumstances. 

Child Support

Child support in Massachusetts is dependent on several factors. It is important to understand your rights and obligations with respect to child support. The attorneys of Bergeron | Burgess can help you with your child support related needs.


To establish child support and custody arrangements for children of parents that have not been married, the Court must make a finding of paternity.  Parties typically bring this matter forward to determine who the legal father is so that support, custody and or visitation may be established. 


We at Bergeron | Burgess recognize that your children are the most important people in your life, which is why if you are getting divorced or are involved in a child custody dispute, it is important to have experienced child custody lawyers who can help to protect your rights as a parent.


Seeking guardianship of a minor child can be an emotional and challenging path, but when the best interests of the child are put at the forefront, you can feel confident that you are making the correct decision. We at Bergeron | Burgess can help you every step of the way.


Alimony is support given by one party to the other after the marriage has ended.  Parties may agree to alimony, or the Court may Order one party to pay alimony to the other.


Occasionally, after a court Hearing or when a Judgment has been entered by the Court, an individual will not follow the terms of the Order or the Judgment.  


The attorneys at Bergeron | Burgess use their extensive litigation and courtroom experience to help individuals successfully mediate their family law disputes outside of court.  


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